Mani National Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative radio receivers for the worldwide radio broadcasting market. Mani National is a truly believer of Service, Technology, Loyalty and quality. Mani National’s award-winning products, services and embedded technologies are used by thousands of broadcasters around the world.

We have enlarged our production capacity and maintained high efficiency by moving into a new 120,000-square-feet factory in Republic of China. Our subsidize factory has more than 10 years experience in manufacturing high quality audio products.

Mani National will continue its Customer First tradition of creating new products that resolve the challenges in the consumer’s world. The name Mani is synonymous with innovation, quality, performance and ease of use. We look forward to a bright and shining technological future, and to playing a leading role in the digitally networked society, propelled by the creativity and dedication of our world class team.

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