Mani National is a truly believer of Service, Technology and Loyalty. Our goal is never miss any opportunity or technical updates. On our corporate bible there is only one ‘no’ which comes as an answer for the question ‘would you stop searching for upgrades?’.

We are proud to have a young and dynamic team of professional individuals who are capable to perform above and beyond our client’s expectations.

We are a growing company with a business plan of future expansions. Mani National is initially involved in introducing various types of audio receivers in the multi media industry. This includes our latest launch of technically developed SC2172 car SCA/SCMO radio which comes with a proven technology upgrade which others can’t even talk about. SC2172 will be available in North American and Australian markets on a trial basis and will be expanded worldwide in a later date.

Our clients are major players in the broadcasting business and most of them are leading radio stations. Mani National secured a sales contract with these radio stations for 100% of their distribution quantity and post sale servicing. We are also working on establishing sales and service agreements both, short and long terms with several other global radio stations.

With our professional team, technology and potential market, Mani National is on it’s way to achieve it’s goal: ‘The market leader. Please check out our SCA receivers in the products.

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